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Meet MedCare Ambulance’s Vice President of EMS.

MedCare has seen evolution in the past few months since fully-acquired by MedFlight, including vehicle and uniform re-design, base updates, and amped-up clinical and safety training… all while transporting patients in need during a national pandemic, and more changes and updates are on the horizon.  We’d like to welcome Shannon Gollnick to the MedFlight family as the new Vice President of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for MedCare.

Vice President of EMS Services Shannon Gollnick

To introduce him, we asked him three questions:

How long have you worked in EMS?
I have served in EMS for over 20 years as an EMT, a Paramedic, a professional firefighter, and a Hazardous Materials Specialist/Rescue Medic.
What is your favorite part of MedCare so far?
One of the driving forces that brought me here to MedCare was the transition to the MedFlight leadership team and their commitment to turning MedCare into a world-class organization and industry leader in pre-hospital/mobile healthcare.  That type of commitment in terms of resources, infrastructure, and personnel, from both leadership and our owner hospitals (OhioHealth and The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center) is a rarity in the industry and has been the most exciting thing for me thus far. I’m excited for the opportunity to help build something truly remarkable.   An equally-important driving force… The clinical crew members and support staff I have met at MedCare have been incredibly friendly and welcoming, and I look forward to working with them as MedCare grows and evolves.
What does MedCare’s future look like to you?
When we look at truly world-class EMS organizations across the country, there are a few names that come to everyone’s mind.  Those organizations that can successfully implement operational efficiencies, are innovative, culturally strong, clinically driven, and customer-focused are few and far between.  I see the commitment of our owner hospitals and our leadership team have to the future of MedCare, along with their history of developing best-in-class services with our critical-care transport program, as a driver of growth that will bring MedCare into that elite group of services that are considered “world-class” and industry leaders.
When you see Shannon, please help welcome him to the MedFlight/MedCare family.  #PartnersForLife

MedFlight Acquires 100% of MedCare Ambulance

MedCare Ambulance to Become a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of Ohio Medical Transportation (dba MedFlight of Ohio)

medcare-ver-b (2)

Columbus, OH.  March 9, 2020. 

Columbus, Ohio-based MedFlight has purchased 100% of MedCare Ambulance.  This arrangement will strengthen MedFlight’s ability to enhance a complete range of transportation options for their consortium hospitals, including The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, OhioHealth, their networks, and the many referral hospitals throughout Ohio.

Previously, MedFlight owned 60% of MedCare, and the purchase brings MedCare Ambulance under one ownership.  The company intends to set a new standard of excellence as they focus on quality service and safety.  The arrangement will allow for future ground-based patient transportation growth and expansion to better serve patients in Ohio.

MedFlight will oversee leadership and operations through the direction of its non-profit owner hospitals and will continue to build a quality-based ALS/BLS service based on MedFlight’s successful model of high-quality and safe critical-care medical transport solutions.

“MedFlight has been a leader in critical care transportation for decades.  By owning and fully-operating MedCare, we will work hard to join our expertise with MedCare, invest more into their services, and continue to improve the service delivery and quality clinical care that people have come to expect with MedFlight.  As we further enhance and invest in our MedCare operations, we believe the result will be one of the best combined transportation solutions-oriented companys in the nation.” – MedFlight President/CEO Tom Allenstein.

Highlights of the agreement:

    MedCare is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of MedFlight.
    MedFlight will take over as the managing entity, keeping all operations and administrative support within Ohio.
    MedFlight has been focused on quality and customer service-driven operations since its formation in 1995.  The combined strength of MedFlight and MedCare will allow both organizations to continue to invest in local medical transporation needs and allow for future expansion when necessary.
    MedFlight will honor current MedCare contracts as the transition occurs.
    By working together from positions of strength, both organizations can maximize opportunities to deliver medical transportation services more efficiently and effectively.
    The change will build upon the committment of growing and developing clinical care providers interested in medical transportation, creating more opportunities for EMTs, Paramedics, and Nurses to train and work.


MedFlight Background

Ohio Medical Transportation, Inc (dba MedFlight of Ohio) is a non-profit, charitable 501(c)(3) organization created in April 1995 as a result of the consolidation of two hospital-owned helicopter programs: Grant LifeFlight and The Ohio State University SKYMED.  In 1996, MedFlight purchased the Mobile ICU transportation service from Riverside Methodist Hospital and integrated critical-care ground transporation into MedFlight’s services.

MedFlight has partnerships with Kettering Health Network and Nationwide Children’s Hospital, in addition to preferred provider agreements with many Ohio hospitals.

MedFlight has received the “Program of the Year” award from the Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS), as well as the Vision Zero Safety Award.  MedFlight’s CISM program, PAWS, has also been awarded the AAMS Community Service Award.  They continue to be national leaders in the field of air and ground transporation solutions.

MedCare Background

In 2010, MedFlight and another organization announced a joint-venture to create an ALS/BLS ambulance service in central Ohio, serving thousands of caregivers and patients annually.

The offices and communications center for MedCare is located in Hilliard, OH and currently operates ambulances and wheelchair vans in communities throughout Ohio.


For More Information:

Todd Bailey, VP of Development

MedFlight Public Information Officer


MC 2020



Cold Weather Tips

Ohio winters can be quite cold.  Please consider these tips to remain warm and safe.

  • Please exercise an increased caution in your endeavors while outside.
    • Make sure you are adequately dressed and prepared for the worst.
    • Be careful when outside to keep your body covered to avoid exposure and the formation of frostbite
    • Consider keeping your coats on even while traveling in your vehicles
    • If you are traveling:
      • consider having personal survival kits in your vehicles
      • Make sure you have adequate fuel and supplies should you breakdown or have a problem.
      • You may want to consider fuel additives to prevent mechanical issues caused by condensation
      • Make sure your battery has been tested and able to withstand the cold
      • Make sure your cell phones are charged and available should you need to call for help.
      • When traveling to different locations use well-traveled routes and not back roads or cross country.

Stay safe and stay warm!

Tom Allenstein, President/CEO of MedFlight

Remembering Mark Potter.

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with loved ones and to remember all of the blessings in our lives.   But today, we wanted to pause Thanksgiving activities and remember Paramedic Mark Potter, who passed away one year ago today.

Mark was a dynamic young man, respected and loved by all who met him.  When you met Mark, you were instantly his friend.  He was a valued partner at MedFlight and had recently stepped up into a leadership role at his beloved base, MedFlight 3, located in Pomeroy, Ohio.  Outside of MedFlight, Mark also served as a paramedic for Hocking County EMS, volunteered for the Starr Township Fire Department, and served on the Hocking County Rope Rescue Team.

Beyond that, Mark loved his family, his friends, his girlfriend and her children.  He was an avid music and outdoors enthusiast as well, and a huge fan of the Browns, the Buckeyes, and The Blue Jackets.

No doubt, Mark has left his mark at MedFlight and is missed by us all.

As I think of what Thanksgiving means to me, I am reminded that it is a time to sit & reflect on all those things I am most grateful for.   For me, it starts with my family.  My MedFlight family, and all the great partners we have there, also mean the world to me. Without their commitment to safety, their compassion, and their unwaivering servant attitudes, MedFlight would not be the great place it is.  Mark was one of many invaluable members of the MedFlight family.

As I mentioned, Mark loved to be outdoors exploring the world around him.  Today, please take a moment with your family, friends, or coworkers… and just enjoy the great outdoors as Mark did.  Take the time to reflect on what he brought to his Logan community, to the world of public service, to MedFlight, and to all of us in his 28 years with us.  He may be gone, but will never be forgotten.

Mark’s family/friends are hosting a Red Cross Blood Drive in Mark’s honor on 11/30 at Logan High School (14470 State Route 328, Logan, OH 43138) from 0800-1400.  You can schedule a donation time on the Red Cross website (just search for it by zip code) or by calling 1-800-733-2767.  Walk-in’s are also welcome.

We thank you for the support we have received over the past year as we mourned the passing of Mark.  I would also like to thank the team at MedFlight 3 for staying strong as they grieved over the past year, continuing to serve the surrounding communities with compassion, safety, and excellence in mind.

You are missed, Mark.

Tom Allenstein, President/CEO of MedFlight

Mark Potter was a proud member of our Pomeroy, Ohio, team… MedFlight 3. 
Mark proudly worked as a Paramedic at Hocking County EMS.
To honor Mark, enjoy the outdoors in his memory. 
It was an honor to transport Mark to his final resting place.  Photo is courtesy of the Logan Daily News. 
As we escorted Mark to his final resting place, young children came outside from their school, lined the route, joined hands, and bowed their heads.  This simple gesture meant the world to us.  Mark was inspired at a young age to work in the field of public service, and these kids inspired us to be strong during a difficult time. 
Mark’s girlfriend, Jenna, noticed a powerful tie between these two photos.  Both gentlemen in this high school photo, Corey and Mark, have passed away, with a 10 year span in-between.  In the top photo, MedFlight team members wait to help move Mark’s casket into our Mobile ICU so we could transport him to his final resting place.  The numbers on the clock reflect Corey and Mark’s football uniform numbers. 
Rest in peace, Mark.  You are missed. 


















MedFlight Celebrates 24 Years of Service



It’s hard to believe that MedFlight is 24 years old today.   I want to thank all of our MedFlight partners… past and present.   It has been your dedication, excellent clinical skills, and compassionate attitudes that have made MedFlight what we are today.

We have accomplished so much in our 24 years, and there is so much more to do on our continuous journey to remain a premier provider of medical transportation solutions.

I cannot imagine a better company to work for than MedFlight.  MedFlight is what we are because of YOU…  our MedFlight and Metro Aviation partners!

I also want to take a moment to thank the communities we serve.  Your trust in us to help in times of need is humbling and appreciated.  We work with first responders, 911 dispatchers, and hospital providers around the state on a daily basis and consider it an honor.  Ohio communities are lucky to have you.

Congratulations, and thank you to you all!


Thomas E. Allenstein, RN, MBA, CMTE





SHARE THE AIR: A Workshop for UAS Enthusiasts

Whether you’re a seasoned UAS pilot, or just received a drone for Christmas… the “Share the Air” workshop has something for you.

The goal of this workshop is to network with fellow aviation enthusiasts and promote safety in the fast-growing world of Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

Why attend?


  • You’ll learn safe flying practices from experience UAS operators with a background in public service & commercial flying
  • You’ll learn about an industry that operates in the same airspace:  Air Medical Helicopters
  • You’ll meet local Ohio State Airport officials and FAA officials, who will provide industry updates and answer any questions you may have
  • You’ll meet MedFlight crew members and tour a MedFlight helicopter
  • You’ll receive a certificate of attendance, thanking you for being a Safety Advocate


UAS operators over the age of 10 are welcome to attend.  Operators under 16 years old must be accompanied by a parent, but will receive a special kid-friendly thank you gift for attending!
MedFlight is located at the OSU Airport.  For security purposes, you must have an Eventbrite ticket in-hand or on your device to attend.
Register today, and share with your colleagues.  Space is limited.
We’ll see you there!

A Well-Deserved Retirement


If you have interacted with MedFlight teams over the past few decades, chances are, you’ve met Lou Hoyer.

Lou has an extensive history in EMS and critical-care transport.  Alongside a career as a Firefighter/Paramedic with Upper Arlington Fire Department for over 27 years, Lou began his critical care transport career with the Riverside Methodist transport service in 1988.  This team eventually became part of the MedFlight Mobile ICU division, and Lou has served at MedFlight ever since… both on the Mobile ICU and in our fixed wing division.


In 2016, Lou was interviewed as part of our celebration of the Mobile ICU division. “I have seen many changes through the last 20 years and worked with so many talented people that it boggles my mind.  Working for MedFlight has been awesome, and I wouldn’t have missed the experience for anything.”

Looking around our Columbus hangar where our Mobile ICU division is headquartered, Lou said today, “I can’t imagine what it’ll be like to not come back here again.”  When asked what his plans are now that he will be enjoying a life in retirement, he happily said that his wife and him are headed to Italy for vacation.

Today, Lou is working his last shift on the MedFlight Mobile ICU.  Thank you, Lou, for your service over the decades.  Enjoy your well-deserved retirement, and know you’ve had a very important role in evolving the world of critical-care transport.  #PartnersForLife


MedFlight: In-Network.



MedFlight has remained a non-profit organization for over 23 years.  Proudly owned and preferred by both OhioHealth and The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, we follow their principles in doing what is best for the patient.

Our expert financial team has worked hard to ensure that MedFlight’s services are IN-NETWORK with the major insurance providers in Ohio.  Why?   To take as much financial burden off of the patient as possible.

“During a time where physical and emotional healing is the most important, the patient should not be concerned about possible financial burdens that may greet them down the road.  As a non-profit organization, we strive to be in-network with most managed care companies.  It helps alleviate that financial worry.”, said MedFlight President/CEO Tom Allenstein.

To further our non-profit mission, MedFlight provides hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in charity care for those unable to pay their transport cost.   MedFlight also proactively offers Advantage, a program Ohioans can enroll in to help reduce the cost of medical transport.  Following insurance being billed, the patient can rest assured that they will not see a bill for MedFlight Helicopter, MedFlight Mobile ICU, or MedCare ALS/BLS transport (where applicable).  For $69 a year, an entire household can be enrolled in Advantage.

Learn more about MedFlight and Advantage at  And be sure to follow us on social media:  @MedFlightOhio


MedFlight Applying for CAMTS Re-Accreditation This Fall


MedFlight Applying for CAMTS Re-Accreditation This Fall.

Public Notice,  by Tom Allenstein,  President & CEO


MedFlight welcomes CAMTS (Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport
Systems) on September 6 & 7, 2018.
The purpose of the site visit will be to evaluate the program’s compliance with nationally
established medical transport standards. The site visit results will be used to determine
whether, and the conditions under which accreditation should be awarded to the program, again.
CAMTS accreditation standards deal with issues of patient care and safety of the transport environment. Anyone believing that he or she has pertinent or valid information about such matters may request a public information interview with the CAMTS site surveyors at the time of the site visit. Information presented at the interview will be carefully evaluated for relevance to the accreditation process. Requests for public information interviews must be made in writing and sent to CAMTS no later than 5 business days before the site survey begins. The request should also indicate the nature of the information to be provided during the interview.  Such request should be addressed to:
Office of the Executive Director
Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems
PO Box 130
Sandy Springs, SC, 29677
The Commission will acknowledge such written requests in writing or by telephone and will inform the program of the request for an interview. The Commission will, in turn, notify the interviewee of the date, time and place of the meeting.

This notice is posted in accordance with CAMTS requirements and shall not be
removed until the site visit is completed.

Date Posted: August 8, 2018.

23 Years and Counting!

I would like to take a minute to say THANK YOU… To all of our former patients, partners in public service, healthcare providers, team members, and to the community members we serve.

23 years ago today, we began operations as MedFlight.  It has been a great honor to partner with you for over two decades, and we look forward to many more years of service.  Providing you with support, meeting the needs of the patients entrusted to our care, and creating critical-care transport solutions is truly an honor.   Thank you so much for your ongoing trust and support in MedFlight.

Tom Allenstein, President and CEO of MedFlight