MedCare Ambulance Partners With Pike County Leaders to Operate County Ambulance Service

COLUMBUS, OHIO, January 7, 2021. MedCare Ambulance, a non-profit, hospital-sponsored ambulance organization, will begin providing 911 operations to Pike County residents as early as February 2021.  This arrangement will lower overall costs, increase availability, and enhance patient transportation options for Pike residents. MedCare will be collaborating with community leaders to provide progressive, high-quality, services to the community.  

According to Vice President of EMS Services for MedCare, Shannon Gollnick, “MedCare is on a path to be a national leader in ambulance transportation. By responsibly operating Pike County 911 services, the community should see an increase in quality and dependability.”

“MedCare welcomes the opportunity to provide 911 services to the residents of Pike County. We believe the community will be very pleased with our transparent approach to EMS operations”, said Michael Perkins, Chief Operating Officer for MedFlight & MedCare Ambulance.      

The arrangement will allow for reliable patient transportation and 911 services to the residents of Pike County, subsidy-free.  County officials will contract with MedCare while monitoring key performance metrics to ensure a high-quality 911 delivery system. 

Highlights of the agreement:

– MedCare is committed to maintaining the employment of existing Pike County EMS staffing.  

– MedCare will deploy 24/7/365 ambulance resources from the existing Pike County EMS’s station;

– MedCare will deploy 24/7/365 advanced life support (ALS) services utilizing a quick response vehicle (QRV). 

– MedCare will respond to Pike County Sheriff’s Department Primary Service Answering Point (PSAP) notification while working with communications representatives to enhance dispatching and reporting processes.

– MedCare will be active participants in the clinical oversight, review, and continuous quality improvement process as it relates to Pike County transports.

– A Quality Improvement Process will be incorporated into Pike County operations with the intent to improve the health outcomes for the citizens.

MedCare Background

MedCare Ambulance was formed in 2010 to meet the needs of OhioHealth and The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. Since that time, MedCare has grown to be one of the largest non-profit, hospital-sponsored emergency medical service providers in the state of Ohio. In 2013, MedCare expanded its footprint by adding Adena Health System as an affiliate partner. Currently, MedCare serves Ohio with 74 ground ambulances.

In March of 2020, MedFlight took full financial and operational control of MedCare Ambulance with the vision of providing excellent medical transport solutions by aligning MedFlight and MedCare.

With strong roots in healthcare, MedCare Ambulance is certain that the same level of clinical quality will be extended to the residents of Pike County.

For more information contact:

Todd Bailey

Vice President of Business Development

MedFlight/ MedCare Ambulance