Remembering Mark Potter.

As you can imagine, this is a hard weekend for the friends and family of Flight Paramedic Mark Potter, who passed away two years ago.

Mark was a dynamic young man, respected and loved by all who met him.  When you met Mark, you were instantly his friend.  He was a valued partner at MedFlight and had recently stepped up into a leadership role at his beloved base, MedFlight 3, located in Pomeroy, Ohio. 

Outside of MedFlight, Mark also served as a paramedic for Hocking County EMS, volunteered for the Starr Township Fire Department, and served on the Hocking County Rope Rescue Team.

Beyond that, Mark loved his family, his friends, his girlfriend and her children.  He was an avid music and outdoors enthusiast as well, and a huge fan of the Browns, the Buckeyes, and The Blue Jackets.

No doubt, Mark has left his mark at MedFlight and is missed by us all.

As I think of what Thanksgiving week means to me, I am reminded that it is a time to sit & reflect on all those things I am most grateful for.   For me, it starts with my family.  My MedFlight family, and all the great partners we have there, also mean the world to me. Mark was one of many invaluable members of the MedFlight family.

As I mentioned, Mark loved to be outdoors exploring the world around him.  Today, please take a moment with your family, friends, or coworkers… and just enjoy the great outdoors as Mark did.  Take the time to reflect on what he brought to his Logan community, to the world of public service, to MedFlight, and to all of us in his 28 years with us.  He may be gone, but will never be forgotten.

You are missed, Mark.

Tom Allenstein, President/CEO of MedFlight

Mark Potter was a proud member of our Pomeroy, Ohio, team… MedFlight 3. 
Mark proudly worked as a Paramedic at Hocking County EMS.
To honor Mark, enjoy the outdoors in his memory. 
It was an honor to transport Mark to his final resting place.  Photo is courtesy of the Logan Daily News. 
As we escorted Mark to his final resting place, young children came outside from their school, lined the route, joined hands, and bowed their heads.  This simple gesture meant the world to us.  Mark was inspired at a young age to work in the field of public service, and these kids inspired us to be strong during a difficult time. 
Mark’s girlfriend, Jenna, noticed a powerful tie between these two photos.  Both gentlemen in this high school photo, Corey and Mark, have passed away, with a 10 year span in-between.  In the top photo, MedFlight team members wait to help move Mark’s casket into our Mobile ICU so we could transport him to his final resting place.  The numbers on the clock reflect Corey and Mark’s football uniform numbers. 
Rest in peace, Mark.  You are missed.