Meet MedCare Ambulance’s Vice President of EMS.

MedCare has seen evolution in the past few months since fully-acquired by MedFlight, including vehicle and uniform re-design, base updates, and amped-up clinical and safety training… all while transporting patients in need during a national pandemic, and more changes and updates are on the horizon.  We’d like to welcome Shannon Gollnick to the MedFlight family as the new Vice President of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for MedCare.

Vice President of EMS Services Shannon Gollnick

To introduce him, we asked him three questions:

How long have you worked in EMS?
I have served in EMS for over 20 years as an EMT, a Paramedic, a professional firefighter, and a Hazardous Materials Specialist/Rescue Medic.
What is your favorite part of MedCare so far?
One of the driving forces that brought me here to MedCare was the transition to the MedFlight leadership team and their commitment to turning MedCare into a world-class organization and industry leader in pre-hospital/mobile healthcare.  That type of commitment in terms of resources, infrastructure, and personnel, from both leadership and our owner hospitals (OhioHealth and The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center) is a rarity in the industry and has been the most exciting thing for me thus far. I’m excited for the opportunity to help build something truly remarkable.   An equally-important driving force… The clinical crew members and support staff I have met at MedCare have been incredibly friendly and welcoming, and I look forward to working with them as MedCare grows and evolves.
What does MedCare’s future look like to you?
When we look at truly world-class EMS organizations across the country, there are a few names that come to everyone’s mind.  Those organizations that can successfully implement operational efficiencies, are innovative, culturally strong, clinically driven, and customer-focused are few and far between.  I see the commitment of our owner hospitals and our leadership team have to the future of MedCare, along with their history of developing best-in-class services with our critical-care transport program, as a driver of growth that will bring MedCare into that elite group of services that are considered “world-class” and industry leaders.
When you see Shannon, please help welcome him to the MedFlight/MedCare family.  #PartnersForLife