National EMS Health & Safety Officer Update

By Jeff White, M.S., MTSP-C, FP-C
Director of Safety
HealthNet Aeromedical Services

The National EMS Health and Safety Officer committee has been diligently
working for the past year in conjunction with the National EMS Management
Association (NEMSMA) to create a model for EMS agencies to use in selecting
a dedicated safety representative. NEMSMA already has certified and tested
positions for an EMS Director, EMS Manager, EMS Supervisor and has almost
completed the EMS QA/QI position. Now they are moving onto safety. Our
committee currently has the position description and position personal attributes
completed. We are currently in the process of creating the test model and
discussing what materials one might study or learn to achieve this position
We have based our test model on the Board of Certified Safety Professional’s
(BCSP) Associate Safety Professional (ASP) model. We have begun the process
of incorporating EMS specific modalities into this general safety model to make it
relevant for an EMS individual. Many agencies will most likely choose someone
with EMS experience, but others across the country have already begun to
incorporate general industry safety professionals into their system for a broader
look at safety processes. We hope the final model will increase the professionalism
of the position along with the industry.