Month: August 2018

A Well-Deserved Retirement


If you have interacted with MedFlight teams over the past few decades, chances are, you’ve met Lou Hoyer.

Lou has an extensive history in EMS and critical-care transport.  Alongside a career as a Firefighter/Paramedic with Upper Arlington Fire Department for over 27 years, Lou began his critical care transport career with the Riverside Methodist transport service in 1988.  This team eventually became part of the MedFlight Mobile ICU division, and Lou has served at MedFlight ever since… both on the Mobile ICU and in our fixed wing division.


In 2016, Lou was interviewed as part of our celebration of the Mobile ICU division. “I have seen many changes through the last 20 years and worked with so many talented people that it boggles my mind.  Working for MedFlight has been awesome, and I wouldn’t have missed the experience for anything.”

Looking around our Columbus hangar where our Mobile ICU division is headquartered, Lou said today, “I can’t imagine what it’ll be like to not come back here again.”  When asked what his plans are now that he will be enjoying a life in retirement, he happily said that his wife and him are headed to Italy for vacation.

Today, Lou is working his last shift on the MedFlight Mobile ICU.  Thank you, Lou, for your service over the decades.  Enjoy your well-deserved retirement, and know you’ve had a very important role in evolving the world of critical-care transport.  #PartnersForLife


MedFlight: In-Network.



MedFlight has remained a non-profit organization for over 23 years.  Proudly owned and preferred by both OhioHealth and The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, we follow their principles in doing what is best for the patient.

Our expert financial team has worked hard to ensure that MedFlight’s services are IN-NETWORK with the major insurance providers in Ohio.  Why?   To take as much financial burden off of the patient as possible.

“During a time where physical and emotional healing is the most important, the patient should not be concerned about possible financial burdens that may greet them down the road.  As a non-profit organization, we strive to be in-network with most managed care companies.  It helps alleviate that financial worry.”, said MedFlight President/CEO Tom Allenstein.

To further our non-profit mission, MedFlight provides hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in charity care for those unable to pay their transport cost.   MedFlight also proactively offers Advantage, a program Ohioans can enroll in to help reduce the cost of medical transport.  Following insurance being billed, the patient can rest assured that they will not see a bill for MedFlight Helicopter, MedFlight Mobile ICU, or MedCare ALS/BLS transport (where applicable).  For $69 a year, an entire household can be enrolled in Advantage.

Learn more about MedFlight and Advantage at  And be sure to follow us on social media:  @MedFlightOhio