23 Years and Counting!

I would like to take a minute to say THANK YOU… To all of our former patients, partners in public service, healthcare providers, team members, and to the community members we serve.

23 years ago today, we began operations as MedFlight.  It has been a great honor to partner with you for over two decades, and we look forward to many more years of service.  Providing you with support, meeting the needs of the patients entrusted to our care, and creating critical-care transport solutions is truly an honor.   Thank you so much for your ongoing trust and support in MedFlight.

Tom Allenstein, President and CEO of MedFlight

One thought on “23 Years and Counting!”

  1. MedFlight is a great partner, especially in our rural, medically underserved, socially remote areas of Appalachia Ohio.

    MedFlight team members also provide outstanding continuing education training to our First Responder Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, 911 Dispatch, etc., Public Safety Services members, since most of us are Volunteers here in our neck of the woods.

    We look forward to many more years of continuing to all pull the oars together in the same direction with a great community resource such as MedFlight for the good of our citizens here.

    Thank you to ALL MedFlight team members for your service, talents, and expertise.

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