A MedFlight Pioneer: Ed Cotter.

MedFlight Remembers Ed Cotter… Friend, Father and one of our Founding Leaders.

One of MedFlight’s beloved friends passed away on Tuesday, March 27, 2017.

Ed Cotter was one of MedFlight’s founding board members and leaders.  Without his leadership, kindness, and brilliance, MedFlight would not be the company we are today, serving thousands of patients each year.

Before becoming a MedFlight Board Member in our early years, Ed was a part of a special group of healthcare leaders that worked tirelessly to build the trust between two competing health systems to do what was right for the community: Forming a shared medical helicopter transportation service for Ohio citizens.  Because of the hard work by community healthcare executives like Mr. Cotter in the 1990’s, MedFlight was born.   Many sick and injured patients are now home safe and healthy with their families as a result of Ed’s work.  He will be remembered and sincerely missed by all of us at MedFlight.

“Without Ed, there would not be a MedFlight.  This is a big loss for all who loved and respected him.”  Dr. Howie Werman, MedFlight Medical Director

“His leadership helped guide the way to where we are today.  He will be truly missed.”  Tom Allenstein, CEO/President of MedFlight.

Ed is survived by his wonderful wife, Shirley, their four children, and 12 grandchildren… along with many cousins, nieces, nephews, and friends.  He served as a hospital administrator for The Ohio State University Medical Center for 20 years, as well as OhioHealth for 15 years.  He was universally known for his sense of humor, wise counsel, being a good listener, and a gentle man.

Rest in Peace, sir.  And thank you.


Todd Bailey, Vice President of Development for MedFlight


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