Calling All Former Patients…

MedFlight 5

On April 20th, 2015, MedFlight will celebrate our 20th year of service to Ohio!  We would like our former patients and their families to be part of the “thank you” to our dedicated medical crews by sharing your testimony and story with them.  Your story will be shared at our ceremony on April 18th to the flight teams and Mobile ICU teams that works tirelessly to make someone’s bad day just a little bit better.

If you would like to share your story with us, you can either post it in the comments on this blog, or email it to Sara Craig at  We appreciate your help and your willingness to share.

9 thoughts on “Calling All Former Patients…”

  1. “My Horse let me ride a Helicopter!”
    We had just moved from New Orleans to Ohio (six years ago). Our horses finally arrived and I was so excited to finally have them in our back yard. The first ride at our new home!

    . As I rode him around the new territory, he was a little jumpy. Trying to trot became his cue to ” let the good times roll!” In my case, it was me that ended up unconscious in the pasture. Pleasant Township was called and quickly responded. There in the pasture stood my horse Comanche, looking over me along with my dog. Off on the bed of a pick up truck, into the ambulance and off to Madison County Hospital!

    Doctors were afraid I had a spinal cord injury. I was informed that it would be best to fly to Ohio State for treatment. The crew was fantastic! They told me everything that was going to happen. At that time the only thing that bothered me was my hair was being pulled by the cervical collar. The attendant helped relieve the pulling the best he could. Flying over Ohio, I felt that angels were right outside the helicopter. Landing at Ohio State everything went fast with doctors, nurses and staff calling out instructions. One nurse proclaimed, ” I found a tick! I found a tick!”

    Things calmed down and with thankful prayers I did not have any injuries! I always am thankful each time I see a helicopter lift off, knowing that they will be given the ultimate care as they fly with the Angels—both aboard and outside!

    With grateful thanks to the staff,
    Linda Horvat Bradley
    South Vienna, Ohio

  2. Well on November 10th 2014 my daughter was rushed to the emergency room I had no idea what was wrong she gave us a big scare within minutes the doctors abd nurses were trying to stabilize her and then about an hour later med flight showed up got my baby ready to go and we were headed to Columbus. They made sure that they kept me very informed with what was going on. Even when things went bad. I will never forget the day that the flight nurse looked at me and said we have to land in zanesville because my baby girl was coding and they wanted to try and get her restablized even when we landed they took very good care of my baby and kept me very informed after they got her back stabilized we headed toward Columbus once again just minutes away from Columbus my baby started to code again they got her to the hospital safety and quickly I will never be able to show them how truly thankful I am for them they are a big reason in why my baby girl is still alive today

  3. I wish my two children could be there neither survived their car accidents in 1995 n 1996 but i wish too thank medflight for giving all they had to try and rescue them both i stiill to this day look up at the sky when i hear a medical helicopter fly over thank you for all you do from the family of Nichole and Donald Holland

  4. We are incredibly sorry for your loss. It touches our hearts that after these tragedies, you chose to share your story with us. We’ll definitely pass it along to our flight crews and Mobile ICU crews as well. Thank you again for the well-wishes when we fly over and for sharing this message. – MedFlight

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